Sustainability Check:
unifying sustainability labels for greater transparency


Combining several sustainability labels
into one transparent system

Providing an immediate overview of the sustainability performance


Filtering due to the customers’ individual sustainability preferences


Improving the accommodation constantly by hints and assistance through the check


Promoting the accommodation’s sustainable performance everywhere guaranteed by the well-known quality of TourCert

Displaying the Sustainabiliy Check and your cooperation with ChargeHotels in your media presence

Charge Hotels –
Certified Sustainability Check

At the moment more than 150 certificates for sustainable tourism exist. But: who of you knows which criteria play a role and which accomodation is performing how?

For the sake of transparency and comparability we include the Certified Sustainability Check. In the categories mobility, human resources management, communication, waste management, resource management and sourcing our check provides a deep dive into the hotels and at the same time a good and understandable overview.

The matrix is based on the TourCert Check, which is a fast and uncomplicated self-assessment system offering everyone an easy introduction to this topic. For more information visit TourCert Check.

We have launched a cooperation
with TourCert.

Travel safe, healthy and sustainable!

Who is TourCert?

TourCert has developed an internationally recognized consultancy and verification system, permeating the entire tourism value chain with regard to sustainability, which can be applied internationally. We unite experts in tourism, academia, environment, development, and politics. With many years of experience, we are committed to responsible tourism. For us, “Travel for Tomorrow” means making the travel industry fit for the future and also sensitizing travellers on achieving a positive contribution for everyone involved in their holidays.

The TourCert system is more than just a certification. It is not just about awarding the label as such, but about the entire process and the company’s continuous development on the way to a sustainable future. What matters to us in this regard is “empowerment“, which means building learning structures and being jointly committed to business development.

For our accomodations

The ChargeHotels-Check does not only enable you to give your customers a glimps behind the scenes, but moreover to improve yourself. Along with the Check you will receive a detailed evaluation and coaching for the upcoming years. We invite you to fill out the check and kick off together with us into an innovative sustainable future!

Dreamcatcher for our customers

You want to satisfy your customers with eco-friendly delicious food as well as happy and friendly employees? You want to show them that you are donating for a human right’s foundation or planting trees? This is your possibility to show your differences to other accommodations and promote your sustainable conscious behaviour.